ESPN Personalities Take Over Kennedy High School

The Kennedy alumni, now sportscasters, take the stage for interview, Q&A session.

Kennedy High School recently welcomed back two of their most illustrious alumni for a special on-stage interview and Q&A session: ESPN sportscasters Steve Levy and Adam Schefter.

Levy, who graduated Kennedy in 1983, is a regular on ESPN’s Sportscenter, well-known for his NHL and college football coverage.

Schefter, a member of the class of 1985, is a football analyst for ESPN and one of the most popular journalists covering the NFL today.

Both men took the stage before a packed auditorium, first taking part in a moderated interview, followed by an interactive Q&A session where fans in the audience got to ask questions that ranged from their professional careers to the state of American sports.

Mike Schwartz, president of student government of Kennedy, was the driving force behind the exciting event, which helped to raise money for scholarships and student activities.

“We want a big event each year at Kennedy and the best thing about this was the cooporation of Steve Levy and Adam Schefter,” he said. “We contacted them on Twitter and we sent emails, wrote letters. Within no time, they both said 'yes', and the best part was that they were so excited to come back.”

Levy said that the experience of returning to his old school and speaking to today’s crop of young students was a great opportunity.

“They say you can’t come home again, but you can,” he said. “It was great seeing everybody – the enthusiasm, the intensity that everyone showed for the jobs that Adam and I do, it was great to see.”

Schefter was also excited to pay the old high school a visit after so many years away.

“It was great to be here,” he said. “There was a feeling of warmth that rushes over your body. I mean, it all comes back to you when you haven’t been here in so long. Sitting up there on stage at Kennedy high school was really an honor.”

After the event, Levy and Schefter met with the attendees and signed autographs.

Dave Weiss of the Kennedy high school Alumni Association was happy to see two high-caliber graduates return to inspire the young men and women of this generation.

“This is great, when you have a couple of alumni come in who are just so successful, and that well-known,” he said. “It’s great for the students, and Mike Schwartz did a phenomenal job at putting this all together.”

In the end, Schwartz said that, despite their status as big-shot sportscasters, that Levy and Schefter are still Long Islanders at heart.

“I met them about 30 minutes before the interview. They they’re probably the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” he said. “They still remember their roots, which is very special to us here at Kennedy.”


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