South Merrick Civic Forms School Security Committee

Editor’s Note: The following letter was written to Merrick Superintendent Dr. Dominick Palma by South Merrick Community Civic Association President Joe Baker.

The South Merrick Community Civic Association (SMCCA) has formed a committee to evaluate and make suggestions for enhanced security at our schools.

A meeting attended by parents, grandparents and school board members focused on idea's that may be helpful for the school administration to determine how to improve security procedures.

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The SMCCA Board decided to appoint Merrick resident Ron Luparello to head the civics newly formed "School Security Committee". Mr. Luparello's experience as a New York City Police Officer and ex-Merrick Fire Chief will be extremely helpful in determining how best to protect our schools. Mr. Luparello is also parent of a student attending Birch School.

Other attendee's at the civic meeting included retired New York City Police Captain Tom Nizza and New York State Court Officer Stephen Capobianco who is also a Certified Police Firearms Instructor and Merrick firefighter. Both are parents or grandparents of students attending Merrick schools and have also volunteered to serve as advisors on this committee.

Hopefully, this committee will serve as a liaison between parents and school officials resulting in increased confidence that our children are safe while attending school.

Please contact SMCCA at southmerrickcca@yahoo.com or call 516-978-8310 for information. 

What do you think of the newly formed committee? Tell us in the comments section below.

Linda Gottlieb January 03, 2013 at 07:19 AM
As a lifetime resident of Merrick and a parent of two school age children, i am of course concerned about the security measures you are considering for our schools. Culturally I feel certain I am connected to a large percentage of the Merrick population which has strong objections to firearms, armed guards and professional security presence in the schools. As. A former SEPTA president and PTA Founders member, I am in alignment with the official National PTA response to the recent horrific tragedy when I say: National PTA’s “Components of an Effective School” recognizes the importance of a safe learning environment and describes an effective school’s climate as one with settings that are “safe and encourage the highest level of student learning and achievement.” In order to achieve an effective climate, schools must “have a gun-free environment.” Additionally, I will add that I am not alone when I express my absolute refusal to allow my children to attend a school where there are any firearms allowed on school property, sanctioned by a committee, school board, law enforcement or security system, professional or volunteer. Linda Gottlieb
mrsjacobs2 January 03, 2013 at 08:58 PM
I only moved to Merrick a few years ago knowing what my children were going to one of the best school districts on Long Island. 4 years pass and my little girl who means the world to me is now in Kindergarten. My son will be taking the school bus with my daughter in 1 year. I will have 2 of my precious children in Elementary school. I am the type of mom who worries if their fingers get cut. You can only imagine the level of fear I have for my children's safety at this time in the world we live in. We need to change the security system because this tragedy that took place may repeat itself and we need to be prepared. I am asking for security guards in my children's school. A deterrent is better than none. My kids and my neighbors kids and my friends kids can rest at night knowing that we have changed the protocols to better serve our community and our little ones who live in it. This is not going to go away, please please let's make a change !!!


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