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Sound Off: Guardrails for Southern State Parkway

Credit: Lou Minutoli, www.firstonscenephotos.com
Credit: Lou Minutoli, www.firstonscenephotos.com
Editor's Note: This article was written and submitted by North and Central Merrick Civic Association President Claudia Borecky.

Residents have expressed concern about the safety of the Southern State Parkway's northern and southern corridors.  

In consideration of the recent crash near Exit 23 and the crash that occurred in September 2012 along the exit ramp, we again wrote to Senator Fuschillo and requested that guardrails be installed along the northern and southern borders of the Southern State Parkway.

Please see our letter posted below:

Dear Senator Fuschillo:

I am again writing regarding the dangerous conditions that exist along the eastern corner of the Meadowbrook Road Southern Exit ramp off the eastbound Southern State Parkway as well as along the northern border of the westbound Southern State Parkway near Exit 23.

Please see my letter of September 9, 2012 in this regard.

The Southern State Parkway has many dangerous curves and is particularly dangerous for both east and westbound motorists at or near Exit 23 in North Merrick. This stretch of roadway has been nicknamed "Blood Alley" because of the high incidents of accidents there.

Specifically, residents report that over the years, vehicles traveling eastbound on the Southern State Parkway, turning onto the Meadowbrook Road exit ramp, have driven off the road and crashed into the trees and backyards of the homes that border this state property. In September of 2012, a vehicle crashed through the backyard fence of Cathy and Maureen O'Sullivan, who reside in Merrick. Over the years, the trees that act as a buffer between the Parkway exit and the homes have been knocked down by motorists who recklessly travel at excessive speed on this exit ramp. Measures need to be taken to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Residents have suggested, and we agree, that a guardrail needs to be installed along the eastern tree-lined border of the eastbound Southern State Parkway's Meadowbrook Road exit ramp. This guardrail should run along the tree-lined state property behind the Brixton Road homes.

Further, in light of the recent fatal crash of the vehicle travelling westbound on the Southern State Parkway near Exit 23 in North Merrick, I concur with residents whose backyards border the northern side of the Southern State Parkway, that guardrails need to be installed along the northern border of the Southern State Parkway as well as along the southern border of the exit ramp for eastbound motorists exiting south onto Meadowbrook Road.

Please take all requisite action to implement this request. Specifically, please install guardrails as indicated above.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please keep me updated as to the status of this request.

Do you agree with the request for guardrails? Tell us in the comments section below. 
Al February 06, 2013 at 11:42 AM
As with the recent accident on the Southern State, speed was the cause of people dying, not lack of guardrails. In addition, regarding the Meadowbrook Rd exit, there are signs stating a 15 MPH speed limit and showing that it's a 180 degree ramp. Again, if people are getting into accidents it's their fault. Slow down, turn the steering wheel and stay on the road. Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but lack of driving skills is more the problem than road design. Let's have more enforcement.
FedUpRealist February 06, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Good for you, Al...Too many people look for excuses for the human's poor decision making...I do feel bad for the residents (who moved in AFTER the parkway was built) but a guardrail will only send these a-holes bouncing back into traffic where innocent drivers WILL GET HURT - maybe killed....I'd rather the a-hole driver get ripped to shreds in the trees rather than hurting anyone of my loved ones who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time if, rather WHEN, an out-of-control car driven by useless human excrement caroms of the guard rail and back into innocent traffic...I say plant more trees -preferably oaks...
Al February 07, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Oaks are good. This way if some jerkweed driver takes one out the state can not only bill his insurance company to replace it but they'll get some extra dough on the sale of firewood.


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