NRA to Make Announcement Friday

What Do You Want to Hear From Them?

Editor's Note: This article was written and submitted by Patch Staff.

After days of silence, the National Rifle Association, headquartered in Fairfax, has released a statement on the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, saying it will make "meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again" and pledged to make an announcement on Friday.

In the release, the organization begins to explain its silence, saying: "Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting."The organization announced it will hold a press conference Friday in Washington, D.C.

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More details on Friday's press conference will be released when timing is deemed "appropriate," according to the statement.

In the interim, we want to know, what do you hope the NRA does in response to the Newtown tragedy?

Bobbie Peters December 20, 2012 at 10:53 PM
that they will agree that assault guns, that can shoot 30+ bullets with an easy trigger pull, are not needed for hunting. Deer do not wear bullet proof vests, hunters do not need armor piercing bullets. I don't want a pistol or hunting rifle in my house, but the constitution says You can. you don't need all that extra firepower. That they will not fight the background checks. I don't think they will, but we need to stop it from being so easy to buy guns at swap meets, etc.


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