LIPA Warns Customers of Latest Payment Scam

Customers have reported receiving telephone calls from individuals claiming to work for LIPA.

Editor's Note: This article was written by Jaime Sumersille.

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is warning its customers of a new, nationwide utility bill scam.

Over the past several days numerous LIPA customers have received telephone calls from individuals claiming to work for LIPA, demanding payment through a prepaid card on past-due balances.

These non-LIPA callers threaten customers that if they don’t make payment through these prepaid cards; their service will immediately be shut-off for non-payment. Customers are then directed to purchase such a prepaid card to make the payment in order to keep their power on. LIPA does not accept payments through prepaid cards, and customers should not give any confidential information to any such callers.

In some cases the caller also tells the customer that they may have a faulty meter that is dangerous and in need of replacing for a substantial fee. Customers should be aware that the electric meter is the property of LIPA and is not customer-owned equipment.

LIPA does contact customers with past due balances by phone to offer payment options, but never demands direct payment over the telephone. LIPA currently does not accept credit or debit card payments. Customers who have received calls demanding immediate payment through a pre-paid card or who have billing questions should call the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-490-0025 or 631-755-6000.

LIPA Encourages Customers to Use The Following Tips from the Better Business Bureau to Avoid Falling for this Scam:
  • Never provide your social security number, credit card number or banking information to anyone requesting it over the phone or at your home unless you initiated the contact and feel confident with whom you are speaking.
  • If you receive a call claiming to be your utility company and feel pressured for immediate payment or personal information, hang up the phone and call the customer service number on your utility bill.
  • Never allow anyone into your home to check electrical wiring, natural gas pipes or appliances unless you have scheduled an appointment or have reported a utility problem. Also, ask utility employees for proper identification.
  • Always think safety first. Do not give in to high pressure tactics over the phone for information or in person to get into your home.
John Dunn February 28, 2013 at 08:37 AM
To be a little more general, NEVER provide any personal information to anyone you don't know who telephones you. That means you must conceal your date of birth, your marital status, family members info (children or elderly relatives), whether you own or rent your home, anything medical and so forth. There is merit to the old canard "I"m not paranoid. Everyone really is out to get me."
Robert Stoops April 03, 2013 at 11:29 AM
The callers asking for pre-paid cards as the mode of payment for utility bills is already a red flag. If you guys get such a call, take note of the phone number and report it to http://www.callercenter.com and raise a warning.


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