Merrick Crime Report: Cars Vandalized, Red Box Damaged at 7-11

A look at recent crime as reported by the First and Seventh precincts.

  • Sometime between June 14-15, a complainant reported that the passenger side window of his 2000 Lincoln was broken on Clubhouse Road. 
  • On June 19, a police officer was advised of a suspicious suitcase that was lying in the parking of the Waldbaum's shopping center on Merrick Road.  This was similar to an incident that occurred the day before in Bellmore.  Police and a bomb squad responded to the scene.  The suitcase was determined to contain trash.
  • On June 19, a Hyundai was reported scratched from front to rear while parked at Merrick Avenue Middle School. 
  • On June 19, a complainant reported damage to the display video on the Red Box DVD machine at a 7-11 on Sunrise Highway. 


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