Sound Off: Stiffer Penalties for Being Armed in Crowded Places

Editor's Note: This article was written by Ed Robinson.

It could have just been a simple shoplifting case.

A North Bellmore man was arrested Saturday when police said he stole DVDs and CDs from Walmart.

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But it was what cops say they found in addition to merchandise that made this case unusual.

Alexander Hollinsworth, 25,  allegedly had a loaded .38 caliber gun, which was reported stolen in New York City.

Cops say he  was also armed with metal knuckles, a dagger knife and had numerous prescription pills.

With national attention focused on the debate over gun issues in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings and the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., we want to know if you think there should be tougher penalties in cases where defendants bring guns to crowded public places like shopping centers.

Tell us in the comments section below.
FedUpRealist February 19, 2013 at 09:04 AM
Why just "tougher penalties in cases where defendants bring guns to... " Why just guns???...Bring ANY illegeal weapon ANYWHERE you should get stiffer penalties...FACT: Knives kill or hurt far more of our citizens than guns...Here's how to put an end to the madness in this country...For the knife, give him 2 years, the gun 2 years, & the brass knuckles give him a year...Total of 5 years with NO PLEA BARGAIN & NO PAROLE...Too harsh???...What would you say after this scumbag stabbed or shot one of your loved ones???...Bet you'd sing a different tune then...Next step is to condemn the ACLU for even mentioning 'inmate rights'...Once you commit a violent crime (or carry the weapon(s) that can result in violent crime), all rights should be forfeited...'Civil' Rights should be for law-abiding 'civil' citizens ONLY...Overcrowded jails???...Who cares???...I'd rather over crowded jails than streets overcrowded with scumbags...I don't give a rats behind if this guy gets killed in jail...I'd rather he be killed in jail than my loved one who just happened to be out shopping at the wrong place at the wrong time...


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