Letter to the Editor

On behalf of our entire team at Storm Help Team and myself,
I want to thank the community of Merrick for attending our Superstorm Sandy insurance compensation event at the Merrick Public Library.  The Storm Help Team brought experts in disaster relief, including those experienced in public adjusting, detailed estimating, general contracting, engineering and other areas, and we received a great number of positive comments.  We were pleased to have FEMA representatives and Legislator Dave Denenberg on hand to help communicate the challenges and solutions involved with helping disaster victims receive the claims they deserve. Judging from the response from the community, we can see just how much work is left to be done.  

While we were pleased that over 100 people attended the event, we know that our work in reaching out to those affected by the storm is far from complete. We hope to continue to share the resources we’ve developed to help any Sandy victim who has been left high and dry by their insurance company to get the compensation they deserve so they can get back on their feet.      

Please visit www.stormhelpteam.org for more resources, and stay tuned for an upcoming “Hear Us!” social media campaign geared at giving victims a platform to voice their frustrations in a productive way to the insurance industry.

Scott Mager  


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