Grab Some Inspiration to Reach Your Goals

Handy is inspired by her client to keep moving on her own weight loss journey.

Throughout my articles, I’ve mentioned life getting in the way, sometimes preventing us from staying focused on our fitness goals.

When life does throw curve balls, we can sometimes feel our lives spinning out of control and we fall off the wagon and lose our sense of self. We put our needs on the back burner because our priorities have shifted. This is a part of life that we need to deal with and adapt to.

But somehow, we get distracted by the changes in our routine and, all of a sudden, it’s a month or two and we’ve lost sight of our fitness goals. What happened? How do we handle these changes, especially if it’s for an extended period of time? Do we start over again or do we quit?

This all depends on how we are feeling about ourselves. Are we happy with our bodies – do we want to stay like this or do we want to fight and take back control of our lives, making ourselves number one again. It’s not an easy decision because quitting means the easy way out – which means failure – and starting over means disciplining ourselves, working hard and pushing ourselves more so that we can begin to feel good again and be successful this time with our health and fitness goals.

What we do need when we decide to continue is something to motivate us again. Maybe  this means asking our friends, spouses or kids to help us get back on track with our diets and exercise. Maybe this means buying an iPod and filling it with music you love to work out with.

I’m speaking to you on a personal level in this column. I’ve had some personal issues this summer and ended up gaining a little weight. I can’t stand feeling this way and I decided enough is enough. I was actually motivated by one of my clients who has broken through the mental and physical challenges, lost 15 pounds and is like the little engine that could. Imagine a personal trainer being inspired by her client. Why not? She looks great, feels great – there’s no stopping her now. I’m so happy for her and I’m back on my fitness journey because of her.

I’ve put my favorite music on my iPod and started working myself out again. My client and I sit and discuss healthy food choices. I’m already starting to feel better after only one week.

My inspiration is my friend Jane who is also the star of my first two videos. We will be showing off the new Jane soon. Stay tuned!


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