Merrick Schools Feel Hurricane Sandy's Wrath

Besides being out of action for four straight days this week, Merrick schools have had to deal with down trees, debris and other physical challenges. 

North Merrick Superintendent David Feller and Director of Facilities James Saitta toured the district and was very pleased that the buildings escaped Sandy relatively unscathed.  

Here's the description he gave Patch. 

Fayette: In excellent shape inside and outside - only issue is a downed tree that is leaning against a baseball backstop on the far end of the school's field next to Little Whale Neck Avenue.

Camp Avenue: The building is also in excellent shape.  A few smaller trees came down in the front of the school but none present a hazard to walkers or drivers who may enter our traffic circle.  

A few small pieces of roof flashing came off but should be an easy repair.

Old Mill Road: No damage to the building. Quite a few trees and branches came down in the wooded area in the back of the school. There is one tree that also came down near the front playground. Our men cut much of the tree to make certain that it wasn't interfering with access to the parking lot.

The district made arrangements for a tree company to come to the schools to remove and/or trim any trees as needed. They have also been in contact with LIPA to find out when we might expect power to Old Mill Road School, but  they have not gotten a definitive answer.  

Also, the district still do not have telephone or email service, although both Fayette and Camp Avenue Schools both have power.

"I am aware that many parents are not able to get my telephone messages," Feller said. "Parents can be reminded that they can call our emergency telephone number to listen to a recorded message about the status of our schools at 292-3097."

Once again, overall we were very fortunate," he added. "No damage to our buildings or school equipment. My thoughts are with those who have suffered much damage during this storm."

Officials from the Merrick School District and Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District were unavailable for comment, so Patch asked readers on Facebook to help report on what's going on with Merrick's schools. 

Here's what they had to say.
  • Karen Garifo: Chatterton has a tree down in front driveway.
  • Christine Vollkommer: Lakeside only had little water in one section. The water didn't reach a majority of it. Janitors are cleaning up. Spoke to one this morning.
During a drive-by, Patch also noticed several trees down in front of Mepham High School.
Did you notice any additional damage to the local schools? Tell us in the comments below. 

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