Caught on Video: Hurricane Sandy in Bellmore-Merrick

While Bellmore Patch has been keeping you informed about Hurricane Sandy via this groupFacebook and Twitter, many locals have taken to YouTube to share their point of view.

Hayle Krigel reported live from Bellmore, which included interviews and footage from affected areas around town. For more on her report, click here.

MK9027866 posted a video of the storm surge coming in to Merrick. The video, which you can check out by clicking here, was taken via Skype and shared on YouTube. The waves rise and gain intensity throughout the video.

Winds were also a big issue in Bellmore and Merrick. Jeff Bigmahi shared this video of strong gusts in Merrick. 

Also, throughout Bellmore and Merrick, trees are down, as well as power lines and other debris. In this video, which was posted by DMan627, a tree collapses in Merrick and lands on a home. 

Sunset Grill in Merrick had to pump out from three feet of high tides. The restaurant's new owners were. This was caught on video by Jeff Bigmahi. For the footage on this, click here.

Do you have photos, videos or stories to share? Do so by clicking here.

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