Merrick Artist Releases First EP

Nikmoody presents "Farewellcome Vol. 1."

Nick Taldi, also known as Nikmoody, said that he loves to write and create. Over the years was able to combine his two passions and make music.

Taldi released his first EP, "Farewellcome Vol. 1." on Tuesday night.

On a recent day, Taldi spoke about his project and his plans for the future. 

"I am hoping that the EP is the beginning of getting to where I want to be," the 23-year-old said.

Taldi, who is originally from Brooklyn, moved to Merrick when he was 12-years-old. He graduated from Kennedy High School where he excelled as an athlete.

"I was into sports, but I was into writing and poetry then too," he said.

It was not until his freshman year at SUNY New Platz that he started to focus on music.

"I was into the slam poetry scene and my friends urged me to get into music and Hip Hop," he said.

Taldi said that he writes songs that are relatable. His single, "Just Me," is about finding spirituality and understanding why some things occur in life.

"I have gone through a lot of changes and I am more in touch with my spirituality," he said. "I realized that I am not the only one out there and someone is watching." 

He said he wants to branch out and do things that allows him to use his creativity. 

"Just to be able to create something whether it's music or writing a movie is great," he said. "I love creating things. This is the field that I want to be in."



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