The Perfect Summer Cocktail: Sangria

Add a twist to your wine with this recipe.

There is nothing like relaxing with a glass of wine, but sometimes simple red or white leaves something to be desired.

You look around at the drinks in your friends' hands during your sunset barbecue and think, "Is my Pinot really as dull as it looks?" Well, it doesn't have to be.

One of the best ingredients you can use to change up everyday food and drink, especially in the summer, is fresh fruit. Personally, I prefer white wine, specifically Riesling, but you can use whatever you like for this recipe. However, because red wine is traditionally not served cold, it may not be the best choice for this particular recipe.

This recipe is not very difficult, so it is perfect to put together if some friends stop by or you want to enjoy a nice drink on your own after work.

For a party of one, simply pour chilled wine into a glass and add strawberries and peaches. For a group, it’s a good idea to pour the bottle(s) of wine into a pitcher and add about two sliced peaches and three-forths of a package of strawberries (sliced) to the drink.

Make sure your fruit is cold before you put it into the wine. An even better idea is to slice the fruit and freeze it first – you will have a frozen treat at the end of your glass of wine, and an easy way to keep it chilled while you sip.

The wine and fruit concoction is perfect for summer and it is very light and sweet.

There are also a number of other ways to enjoy this cocktail. Feel free to add your own twist: a different wine, various fruits, some soda to make a spritzer, or even a splash of liquor (peach schnapps goes well). 

Be warned: This drink is so simple and delicious, you may keep pouring one glass after another.


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