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Russell Nersesov, owner of Spine Care Club
Russell Nersesov, owner of Spine Care Club
Do you suffer from back pain or discomfort and don't know where to turn? Well Spine Care Club, which opened its doors at 2071 Merrick Road the first week of October, might be the place for you! Here are Five Things You Should Know About Spine Care Club.

1. It's more than a chiropractic center: Spine Care Club is a wellness chiropractic center that specializes in preventative and wellness programs. "Our list of services consist of, but are not limited to chiropractic care, massage care, nutritional counsel and lifestyle modification,"  Russell Nersesov, owner of the business said. 

2. First direct-pay membership is offered: The business offers flexible membership programs where the patient is paying directly to the office instead of going through traditional insurance based programs. "We want to be very cost effective, by not having to deal with insurance companies," Nersesov said. 

3. It's non-conventional: The business offers different ways to soothe the spine with jaded and hydro massages.

4. The business has convenient hours: "We are open six days and week and we offer same day appointments," Nersesov said. "We are very accessible."

5. Nutritional counseling is offered: The center offers a program that will help customers take off the pounds. "Sometimes people have back pain because they are carrying extra pounds," Nersesov said. "Losing weight can alleviate back pain." 
Lucielle Goldberg October 30, 2013 at 12:02 PM
So excited to see Dr. Russell and Spine Care Club on Patch! What an amazing experience I had at his office. A few of my girlfriends went to go see him and raved about their visit. They referred me to go to him and since then I haven't looked back. I have purchased one of his packages and now see him on a weekly basis. Sending you positive energy on your great success in the amazing Merrick Community!!! Go Dr. Russell!!!!
Dave Thomas October 30, 2013 at 06:00 PM
My son in Georgia offers the same services plus a lot more in the alternative ways of medical practice. He and his partner (who has been in practice for 35 years) have many patients that can back their treatment up with the results. Keep up the good work and I'm very happy to see someone doing this too up here on Long Island. Nutrition and the correct amount of sleep are two of the most important things you can do. Keep your immune system top notch and you will see great results. Lots of luck with your practice and as for Lisa Rosen's comment above, what should I say, Nothing because her mind sounds like it's already made up. She is probably a firm believer in popping the antibiotics which will if always used become no good anymore to your body. Some want instant relief without getting to the root cause of the problem. I could go on and on but people should just research on their own to make up their own minds. The internet can be great in so many ways. Again, I wish you a very successful practice ! !
Dave Thomas October 30, 2013 at 08:45 PM
Understand your first comment now. Don't know of him so I can't comment on any scams there might be.
Spine Care Club October 31, 2013 at 01:05 PM
Hello, I would first like to thank Danielle De Souza for writing the great article on us!! We have been told that PATCH is an amazing network for the Merrick community to interact. We chose to open our doors for our first location in Merrick for many reasons, most importantly the strong community and the culture of thriving, successful businesses. We are excited to be the first Chiropractic Wellness Office on Long Island to offer a direct paid, membership based service. Since we do NOT participate with any insurance networks (meaning we do not take ANY insurance), we offer all new patients their first visit FREE in order to experience all the wonderful services we have to offer. This gives you the chance to make your own decision if Spine Care Club is the right fit for you and your family. Call us at 516.868.7746 to schedule your free appointment today. 2071 Merrick Road Merrick NY 11566 www.spinecareclub.com www.facebook.com/spinecareclub


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