Musicians Clear Clutter in Merrick

Those with clutter have a junk removal option, with a musical touch, right here in Merrick.

Matthew Stegner, who graduated from Calhoun High School in 1998, started EG Clean with his band mates, and they’re looking to provide service around the local community.

“We’re basically focusing on residential homeowners,” Stegner said. “Most junk removal companies are big on construction, commercial and stuff like that. That’s not us.”

EG Clean donates and recycles materials as much as possible, and they also work with several charity organization. Everything that is not donated or recycled goes to a transfer station or the nearest landfill in the surrounding area. They do not work with hazardous materials.

Stegner promises same-day service, and customers do not need to get a dumpster in front of their home.

“We’re looking to help out the homeowners who just need a hand, whether it’s rubbish, furniture, appliances or anything else,” he added.

The band, known as Earl Green, has been playing together for 15 years, and they decided to put their handyman skills to good use.

“We’ve been carting around our music equipment, and we decided that we should make a few bucks doing this,” Stegner said. “It makes us kind of uniquely qualified for the job.”

For more information on EG Clean, call 855-JUNK or visit their website by clicking here.



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