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Merrick Welcomes the 'Coldest Place on Earth'

Nitro brings it's new style to the ice cream business.

Thursday marks the official opening day of the newest business to hit Merrick and the “coldest place on Earth.”

Nitro, a new ice cream store that uses nitrogen to freeze ice cream in a made to order format, is bringing not only a place to chill out during the hot summer days, but is also offering up a cool new way to serve customers.

A cool chill hits you as the staff gets to preparing your order. Smoke from the liquid nitrogen fills the air and the staff hands you a cool, creamy cup of bacon ice cream. Yes, you heard right – bacon. All in all, the experience is unique.

Sean Pomper, owner of Nitro and the creator of Flavor Spray, got the idea while watching the Food Network one night and ran with it.

"There was really no way to transport the nitrogen, so I created a push button," he said.

Pomper told Patch that the nitrogen makes the ice cream a creamier consistency and since it is made fresh to order, there are no ice crystals and it's not hard like in other places.

In addition to the flair, Pomper wanted to differentiate himself by having flavors and toppings that were a little quirky, making Nitro the place to go for an ice cream with something different.  Patrons start by picking ice cream or frozen yogurt and then pick a flavor. Customers can choose their own toppings and their own color. With choices like neon blue and green, there is fun for both kids and adults in a little cup of cool cream.

Bacon, wasabi, Lady Gaga and Cookie Monster are some of Pomper's favorites to serve, but that's not all – try the ketchup and fries for something that will tickle your taste buds. "I wanted to keep the flavors all natural and really true to flavor and with all of the competition out there, I wanted to have flavors that no one else has,” he said. Nitro also serves up flavors like Junk – which is a little bit of everything – and Kitchen Sink, everything on the counter at the time of order.

After a soft open, Pomper said that there was a great response from the community thus far.  “The kids come in and they go nuts for the smoke. All of the people coming in have had a very positive reaction,” he said.

Pomper also explained that Merrick was his first choice for a Long Island because of the people and the location of the town. “I love Long Island. I love Merrick – it has a bunch of great people. We’ve also got Bellmore right here and Wantagh and Seaford nearby, it’s the perfect hub. Merrick has it all,” he said.

Eventually, the goal is to make Nitro an affordable franchise. There will be a location opening in Syosset shortly, a location was just secured in Forest Hills, Queens and Pomper has his sights set on Manhattan as well.

Sherry Marzigliano June 23, 2011 at 09:18 PM
Where is the ice cream business at.
Emily Cappiello June 23, 2011 at 09:55 PM
2326 Merrick Road, as shown on the map :)
Lauren Ganz August 01, 2011 at 10:32 PM
A bunch of us just drove from long beach to nitro to find it closed. What ice cream store is closed on a 90 degree day in the summer. Sorry we won't be coming back. Your hours should have been posted on line. Our business just went to a new self serve yogurt store.
bri August 31, 2011 at 12:57 AM
Ok so figured I would go give Nitro a try. After the numerous yogurt places that opened this year, I figured it would be nice to give this a try.I WAS WRONG.First of all, there's no air conditioning in there..uhm..what? But it's an ice cream place. Second, the air conditioning wouldn't be an issue if you were in and out of there. However,there are usually 2 people working there.Sometimes only one.So getting one regular sized "ice cream" takes about 15-20 minutes to make.Third, I stood looking at the flavors for about 10 minutes, asking what each was. "Candy Bar" is just vanilla nitrogen ice cream with one small portion of a Hersheys bar. "Lady GaGa," vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. The flavors may have cool names but they are are just vanilla ice cream with various toppings that are not appetizing. So it may be cool to have "Bacon egg and cheese" ice cream..but I don't even want to know what they put on top of their vanilla ice cream to make that..probably brown and yellow sprinkles.So, I finally decided upon Pomegranate.None of the other flavors seemed appetizing, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with the most simple flavor, pomegranate. Who knew that pomegranate is now vanilla ice cream. It did not taste like Pomegranate whatsoever.Basically people, this place is a waste of space on Merrick Road. Don't come from another town, it's a waste of time. If you want vanilla ice cream for 9 dollars, be my guest. But honestly, Turkey HIll from stop and shop is much better.


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