Merrick Natives Run The Patio

When Colin McKaharay and Joe Creamer decided to go into business, they didn’t realize that their paths had almost crossed before.

Both men are Merrick natives, and now they are the pioneers that started “The Patio” in Freeport, located at 445 South Main St. A mutual friend put the two in contact after Creamer visited some of the restaurants McKaharay had worked at.

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“When I first walked in the door, the first thing we noticed is that we drive the exact same car,” McKaharay said. “Then, after talking, we discussed how we both grew up in Merrick.”

Both men went to Merrick Avenue Junior High School, and then Creamer went to Chaminade. McKaharay went to Calhoun High School.

“Growing up, we didn't know each other, but there were a lot of connections,” McKaharay said. “His father’s side grew up in Freeport and his mother’s side grew up in Merrick. So did mine.”

After the two met, they put their heads together to bring a Dune Road-like atmosphere to Freeport.

“We pretty much achieved the initial goals,” he said. “I think it almost has a Miami flare to it.”

The duo has worked hard to get their winter business going, and a professional catering package is offered as well. Also, live entertainment is provided as well at The Patio.

The restaurant, which used to have only 30 seats, has expanded by 20, which McKaharay said it helped increase the dining capacity and the bar area after the restaurant closes. He also said that about 1/3 of the clientele is from Merrick.

“It’s like a home away from home,” he said.

The business is currently closed, and will reopen in April of 2013, according to the website, which you can check out by clicking here.

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