Health Inspectors Cite Two Merrick Eateries

According to data supplied by the Nassau County Department of Health, two food establishments in Merrick were cited for "critical violations" during the most recent recorded inspection.

Two Merrick eateries were cited for critical health violations by the Nassau County Department of Health in recent months.  

The two establishments are:

  • McDonalds at 1813 Merrick Road (1 violation)
  • R.S. Jones at 153 North Merrick Ave. (1 violation)
McDonalds was cited because cooked or prepared foods were subject to contamination from raw foods.

Representatives of McDonalds were not available for comment. 

R.S. Jones was cited due to food workers not using proper utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with cooked or prepared foods.

"I had an employee who did not wear gloves while putting chips in a basket, but then the citing was removed," Margaret Mueller, owner of R.S. Jones, said. "We continually wear gloves and every year we get an A rating from the Department of Health."

Collected from the “Health Data NY” section of the New York “Open Data Portal,” the searchable map above includes food service establishments in Nassau and Suffolk counties that were cited for “critical violations” during the last recorded inspection by the state health department.

You can zoom in and out of the map and click on any bubble for basic information about the food service establishments, including its name, date of inspection and violation specifics.

Across more than 90,000 food service establishments statewide, the the State Department of Health's Bureau of Community Environmental Health and Food Protection guides county and city health officials who permit and inspect food service establishments, the agency says.

The bureau maintains Part 14 of the New York State Sanitary Code, including subpart 14-1 which regulates food service establishments. See this subsection for specifics on inspections.

(Editor's Note: Patch sourced data downloaded from the state's online data portal on Jan 7, which may not reflect any inspection results added to the state's database since then.)

Bill Pezzulo January 17, 2014 at 08:13 AM
McDonald's I completely understand. The place is a dump. R.S. Jones: Margaret, it sounds like you are trying to blow this off. You are responsible to train and monitor all your employees. I hope you have never had the misfortune of getting Hepatitis. It is 6 to 10 weeks of pure HELL! Learn from this a adjust you operations.


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