Unattended Pit Bulls Threaten Man, Dog in North Merrick

The location where the dogs were spotted. (Credit: MapQuest)
The location where the dogs were spotted. (Credit: MapQuest)
A man and his dog were approached and threatened by two unattended pit bulls in Merrick Thursday evening, according to eyewitness reports.

Megan Koutsis, a registered nurse from North Merrick, told Patch that she spotted the two dogs running across Meadowbrook Road while she was driving home from work around 7:30 p.m. When she turned onto Henry Street, she spotted the animals near a man and his small dog.  

“The pit bulls kept circling this man, growling, as he trembled and cradled his small leashed dog,” Koutsis said.

Koutsis said she immediately called the police. She then flashed her lights and beeped her horn to try to scare the pit bulls away from the man and his dog and to try to bring attention to the developing situation.

Soon after, Koutsis opened her car door enough to allow the man and his animal into her vehicle unharmed. Police arrived about 10 minutes after her call, Kousis said, and the dogs had fled in an unknown direction.

“As a big walker, and mother of two small children, I would like to make sure these two animals are off the street,” she said.

Nassau County Police did not have any further information on the incident or the whereabouts of the dogs, according to a spokeswoman.

On Sept. 29, 2011, a woman was attacked by two pit bulls when she arrived for work at Brookside School. She sustained serious injuries.   

Most Recently, on Aug. 24, a pit bull got loose from its dog walker and attacked a Boston Terrier, which needed extensive surgeries after the incident.

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This is a breaking news story. Patch will provide more information as it's made available.

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debbie bell November 23, 2012 at 12:46 PM
When similar situations have been reported, pit mongers ask, "Why is this news?" This was a dangerous situation, with potentially deadly results, for the little dog and perhaps even for the human too. Tragically, these pits were acting like "good" pits were designed to act: seek and kill other dogs. The dogs cannot help their heritage, but Society can restrict the breeding of more dog-killing dogs. When humans are severely injured by pits, often they were trying to save a victim dog. Mary Jo Hunt was a pit rescuer who was killed by her own dogs during such an attack. Laura Miller, a kennel worker, lost an arm to a pit bull while saving a small dog. Pit mongers have blamed the victims, writing "don't try to stop an attacking pit bull." That leads me to the realization that many pit monger LOVE aggression and love dogs killing other dogs. That's why many choose pit bulls. Enact and enforce mandatory spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let pits mercifully become extinct. Everyone compassionate and sane wins. All dogs win, especially the handicapped pits themselves.
Edpkvr November 23, 2012 at 11:28 PM
I only live a few houses from here and take a walk every night. Guess it is time to start taking a baseball bat with me just in case? Could this be the same dogs that live only 2 blocks down the road and were already causing issues around a year ago (not the ones that attacked that poor woman at Brookside). What happens if I meet up with these dogs during my walks and have to club them? I just hope that, whoever owns these dogs, will realize what terror they cause in the neighborhood. God forbid they are out during the day, make their way up to Old Mill Road or Camp Avenue school and attack kids there.
Caitlin Forsyth November 25, 2012 at 07:37 PM
It is a bit jarring to confront something that is contrary to the facts. The alleged facts of this story should have been verified before being published. Why are these 2 dogs being labeled as pit bulls? Because they had a muscular athletic build with pronounced jaw muscles and jowls? The likelihood of these dogs actually being pit bulls is very slim. There are over 20 breeds that are misidentified as pits. Debbie, first let me say that monger means "someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold". People don't monger dogs. Second, historically the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred to bait bulls which then led to dog vs. dog fighting. But never were these dogs in the Hunting category. Their job was not to go out and find dogs to kill; rather 2 dogs were put in a ring and told to fight. In addition to that, not every bully type dog is aggressive with other animals. I can tell you this first hand, as my Pit Bull's best friend is my yorkie. You bring up Mary Jo Hunt and Laura Miller; tragic accidents are inevitable. That is no proof that all pits are mean nasty dogs. There are just as many bully breed success stories as their are dog attack stories. I agree that dogs should be spayed or neutered, but not just bully breeds, all dogs. I am truly offended that you think "pit people" love aggressive dog killing dogs. On what basis do you get this from? My dog, among thousands of others across the country, is the epitome of bully breed dogs. Part of the reason I have her is to educate ignorant people such as yourself
Clay Hund November 26, 2012 at 11:58 AM
This article is a PRIME example on media sensation of pit bulls. Any other breed would have never made the news, yet because they are pit bulls, they are in the headline, right next to the word threat. Could have been Huskies, Chows, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and it wouldn't have been reported, but since they were pit bulls, or so called pit bulls, they get reported. A pit bull just saved a 3 month old baby from being kidnapped, yet that dog was listed as only a dog, with no mention on pit bull in many articles. Hmmmm, and we wonder why they is public fear that surrounds pit bulls. We see something enough, we must thinks it's true..... right??? No, wrong, because the more intelligent people in this country take the news with a grain of salt these days, and only the simpletons take it seriously. You think the local and national news would have started reporting on celebrities a few yes back if intelligent people were taking the news with any kind of seriousness. The news nowadays is a joke, and I have lost faith, because what they report on more would appear to be in priority of importance or concern, but it is far from that, as the media is now just another source of entertainment, playing to the ignorance of this world.


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