From Calhoun Drama to 'Sons of Anarchy'

Adria Lang, a Merrick native, has been staffed to help write season six of the popular show.

(Credit: Stephanie Paris)
(Credit: Stephanie Paris)
Adria Lang went through the "On Tour Company" (OTC) at Calhoun High School, and now the Merrick native will be joining the writing staff of 'Sons of Anarchy'.

Lang followed the path of Calhoun Theatre Director Sal Salerno, as they both attended Bretton Hall College and studied theatre in England. After taking a couple of trips to England with OTC, she decided to move abroad to obtain her Bachelor's Degree.

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Lang originally aspired to be an actress, but when she moved back to the area after college, she struggled to find work.

“I moved back to New York City to try to be an actress," Lang said. "But after three years in England, I had no connections and I knew no one.”

Instead, Lang turned her attention to the nightlife of New York City, and she started performing in and producing vaudeville, burlesque, and cabaret shows. It wasn't until her late twenties when she started "writing seriously." First, she wrote a musical that was an adaptation of the book, "The Loved One" and a friend in Los Angeles offered to help with the music. Lang relocated once again.

After getting about half way through The Loved One, Lang realized that moving to Los Angeles to write a Broadway musical might not be the best path to making it in Hollywood, so she turned her attention to writing a screenplay, which landed her first manager, Mike Kuciak.

"I never had any confidence in my ability until Mike read my screenplay and got all excited about it,” she said.

With this new found confidence, Lang kept on writing, as she wrote several more screenplays and two books, one of which got published (“For the Sake of the Vine” Tigress Publishing, 2009.)  In 2011 she decided to turn her attention to TV and apply for the Warner Brothers Television Writer's Workshop, and she submitted a spec for the show "Fringe" (her first teleplay) about identical twin suicides. She was subsequently accepted to the program.

She spent the next year being shown the ropes of the business, and eventually she was staffed on "666 Park Avenue". 

“It was an amazing experience," Lang said. It was the coolest seven months ever.”

Lang wrote episode 11 of the show, but ABC decided to cancel it, but Lang said that her episode may air this summer. Either way, the entire season will be available on NetFlix.

Now, Lang moves on to FX’s hit show "Sons of Anarchy," where she will start her work on season six beginning Monday.

"I imagine that by season six it’s going to be a well-oiled machine," she said, "but I am also looking forward to a wild ride.”

The show is set to return in September. For more on Sons of Anarchy, click here. To follow Adria Lang on Twitter, click here.



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