Who's Who in Bellmore-Merrick: David Seinfeld

(Credit: David Seinfeld)
(Credit: David Seinfeld)
What do you do for a living? I am the principal of Calhoun High School. This is my 17th year as a high school principal and my 10th at Calhoun.

How are you involved with Bellmore-Merrick? I consider myself as part of a community of Bellmore-Merrick educators. I also consider myself, after 10 years “on the job”, as a member of the community. I try to shop locally as often as possible and I take pride in the school events that better the community as a whole.

What’s the best thing about Bellmore-Merrick? During my time at Calhoun it has become clearer and clearer that the best aspect of Bellmore-Merrick is the strong family structures that support the children of this community.

How did you end up in Bellmore-Merrick? Prior to coming to Calhoun I was the principal at North Shore High School. Before that, I was an assistant principal at Martin Van Buren HS in Queens. While at Van Buren, I had the great fortune to work with Mr. Arnold Goldstein, who presently is the North Bellmore Superintendent. Prior to his work in North Bellmore, Mr. Goldstein was the Assistant Superintendent in the Central H.S. District. When the position at Calhoun opened up in 2003, Mr. Goldstein alerted me to it. I applied and got the job. It was the best move of my career. I love Calhoun HS.

What do you do for fun? I play “old man’s” baseball. I am a member of a team called the Valley Stream Mets in a 45+ baseball league called MSBL. Other than that I think of schools as my hobby. I also serve on my home district’s Board of Education as a Board Trustee.

Tell me about your family. Do you have any children or grandchildren? I have two sons. My oldest graduated as a Math major from Molloy College and presently works at a firm called Norgate Technologies, and my younger son is a sophomore at Penn State studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. My wife, Laura, is an assistant superintendent in the Hewlett-Woodmere Public School system.

What are your favorite places in Bellmore-Merrick? That’s a tough question. I love being in the audience at a Calhoun concert or play, so I guess I might say the Calhoun Auditorium. I also love throwing batting practice to the Calhoun baseball team, so I might say the pitching mound on the baseball field. My academic heart leans in mathematics direction, so I do love listening to a great math lesson on the third floor of Calhoun. By the way, have you seen the new retail store, The Stable, at Calhoun? That’s a great place also.

Finish this sentence. You know you’re from Bellmore-Merrick when… You’re in a place with a bunch of high school kids dressed in either blue, green or maroon!


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