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Power Outages in North Merrick

Dear fellow Merokeans,

We are getting calls that there are still pockets of North and Central Merrick that are without power.  I will list those areas below.  If you live in an area that is not mentioned below, but still do not have power, please email me ASAP so that we can assure that LIPA brings back power to all of Merrick.  Legislator Denenberg pressured LIPA to return power to those who are still in the dark and has been promised that 100% of his district will have power back by Monday, November 12.  We are working at having a more definitive answer of when power will be returned to each area that is still out.

We Merokeans are resilient, generous, good-willed and a kind people.  We strongly believe in helping thy neighbor.  You cannot drive down the streets of those that have power on one side, without seeing extension cords stretching across to those who do not have power.  We’ve been hearing countless acts of kindness about someone with power sharing their homes with those without power.  So many people have been calling us, worried about, not themselves, but about their elderly neighbor who insists on staying in their own homes, regardless of the temperature.  People are generously donating to causes that are helping the victims of this storm.  This has truly been a storm that has brought out the compassion of the Merokean heart that reaches out to help others.  Neighbor helping neighbor.

And it is unconscionable that there are still so many without power for so long.  As of November 8, 2012, the following streets/regions, falling within the realm of the North and Central Merrick Civic Association, are without power:

Merrick – North of Jerusalem Avenue – East of Merrick Avenue
•    Columbine Avenue
•    Iris Avenue
•    Crocus Avenue
•    Verbena Avenue
•    Larkspur Avenue
•    Tulip Avenue
•    Crest Road West (southside)
•    Crest Road East
•    Roydon Drive (downed tree at 75 Roydon Drive)
•    Dunston Drive
•    Devon Drive
•    Thorne Court
•    Putnam Avenue
•    Alton Court
•    Madison Avenue
•    Little Whaleneck Road

Merrick – North of Jerusalem Avenue – West of Merrick Avenue
•    North Drive
•    Cecily Drive
•    Meridian Street
•    Parkwood Drive

Merrick – Old Mill Road Section
•    Richard Avenue – Live Wire
•    Fox Court (south side)
•    Millwood Lane

Merrick – East of Little Whaleneck and South of Wenshaw Park
•    Potter Avenue (west side) at Hendrickson
•    Sherman Avenue (west of Hendrickson)
•    Walnut Avenue
•    Dogwood Street

Merrick Woods
•    Woodland Terrace
•    Hewlett Avenue (parts)
•    Marion Avenue
•    Margaret Blvd.
•    Park Avenue (parts)
•    Loines Avenue (east of Park Avenue)
•    Seneca Drive North
•    Woodbine Avenue

There are countless more on the south shore that are without power.  We are opening our homes and our hearts to our southern neighbors who are not only without electricity, but have lost their belongings, their cars and some of them, everything they hold dear.  Although this horrific storm has wreaked havoc on our lives, let us be thankful that we have our loved ones with us.  Had the evacuation not been strongly enforced, Nassau County may have suffered fatal losses.

The North and Central Merrick would like to thank all our representatives, especially Legislator Dave Denenberg, who has been in the trenches with us and is working hard at returning power to all those who are still suffering in the dark.

Claudia Borecky, President


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