Pawn Shop Owner Cancels Application to Open in North Merrick

Neighbors Against Pawn Shops (NAPS) thanks the community for its efforts in stopping a pawn shop from opening on Jerusalem Avenue.

The owner of a proposed pawn shop canceled her application for permits to open at 1391 Jerusalem Ave. in North Merrick.

On Monday, Neighbors Against Pawn Shops (NAPS) released a statement expressing excitement on the matter. 

"This win was solely due to a community coming together and everyone's hard work and dedication," the statement read. 

Residents started an online petition to stop the business from opening and many attended a community meeting this month to speak out against the pawn shop.
Community members were concerned that if Estate Pawn Brokers LTD opened on Jerusalem Avenue that there would be a number of problems which include traffic and congestion, it could attract criminals to North Merrick, causing a potential increase in crime and it could alter the nature of the neighborhood.  

The location is also three blocks from Fayette Elementary School, which was also another major concern. 

The pawn shop application was scheduled for a hearing on Sept. 12 before the Hempstead Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

NAPS thanked the North Merrick community.

"You all spoke out and your voices were heard. Congratulations to everyone who donated their time to this great community accomplishment."  


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